Criminal Defense

Whether the charge is Negligent Driving or First Degree Robbery, facing the criminal justice system can be overwhelming.  The prosecutors are experienced attorneys whose investigative team consists of multiple law enforcement agencies.  Fortunately, in the United States, defendants have a chance because they are protected by the Constitution.  Tri-City Legal fights to ensure its clients' Constitutional rights are protected.

Not all is lost if you lost at trial.  If the judge committed an error, or if there was a defect in the proceedings, it may be possible to receive another chance by winning on appeal.  Sometimes the appeals court will order a new trial.  Other times, the court may even reverse the entire outcome of the trial. While it often can be difficult to win on an appeal, Tri-City Legal has had success in front of at least five different appeals courts.  
Supplemental Security Income


Social Security Disability Insurance

The Social Security Administration (SSA) establishes the rules that govern one's eligibility for disability payments.  The two main SSA programs are Supplemental Security Income (SSDI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSI).  SSDI covers workers, as well as their dependents, who have paid into the Social Security trust fund.  SSI is intended for disabled people who have limited financial means.  Sometimes, claims can be filed under both of these programs.