Judges make mistakes more often than people might believe.  The law is vast and complicated, and as a result, judges occasionally veer from the course required by the law.  When a judge issues a ruling or decision that is contrary to the law, an appeal may be the best response. Appeals are usually appropriate when your case recently concluded, and the judge incorrectly ruled against you.  

If the judge made a mistake, a higher court may be able to provide a remedy, but strict deadlines apply to the filing of an appeal.  Even if you can establish that the lower court committed an error, you will still very likely lose if you do not file the appeal in time.

If you believe your judge made a mistake, please contact Tri-Cities and Eastern Washington appeals attorney Eric Scott.  Eric Scott has handled numerous appeals and previously worked for the Idaho Supreme Court.  This experience enables him to provide an accurate assessment of the merits of your appeal.  
Success on Appeal

Eric Scott has succeeded on appeal to the following courts:
  • Washington Court of Appeals
  • Benton County Superior Court
    • Idaho Supreme Court
    • Idaho Court of Appeals
    • Canyon County District Court